Tuesday, November 23, 2010

White background

Most of my still life are photographed on the dark background. Usually it is grey or green paper. Dark background makes them look more like Dutch paintings and I like that :)) But on this weekend I have decided to try something different just for fun. White paper as a background for light and soft feeling.


Nany said...

I am crazy for your work. Never in my life i saw somethig wonderful that your photograph.
I wonder if you. allow me to paint some of his pictures.
My name is Adriana Marzán Muñoz, I have 61 years old and I am chilean woman. I live in Rio de Janero Brasil.
Mi adress: adrianabmarzan@hotmail.com
my blog is : http://adrianabmarzan.blogspot.com/?zx=fa40c1bc975083cf
Thak you (sorry I don´t speak english)

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