Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

My sweet husband had bought me those beautiful roses for the Valentine's Day. I just had to take a picture of them :)) I know there is a lot of empty space on the table, I left it on purpose, for more attention to the flowers.


Georgianna said...

Such a beautiful, gracious and elegant image, Anna. Your lighting is always divine and your roses are gorgeous. How lovely of your husband to get the for you. Happy Valentine's Day! – g

Marisa said...

Beautiful Image !!:)

leslie said...

Hi Anna,
I just spent some time looking at your Flickr photostream. You are such gifted photographer.
Your still life photographs are brilliant. If you ever teach an on-line class on stills count me in.

Mary said...

Hi Anna, I just found out that you have a blog. I have followed you on flickr for some time and I love your still lifes and manipulated images. (I am Carroll.Mary on flickr).

This is such a beautiful image -- gorgeous light and a beautiful composition. I have just begun to try these sorts of shots, and your work is such an inspiration.
Thank you!

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