Tuesday, November 30, 2010


When people are asking me how old I am, I always want to answer 18. That is how I feel, I am still not sure about everything I do, like a girl, without experience. But actually I am 37 years old today. This number scares me :))

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Changing season

I have taken this image yesterday. Just had this idea of winter coming, my birthday is close and then New Year. I have added some leaves on the background in Photoshop, usually I never combine still life with photo manipulion, but I wanted to break the rule this time.

White background

Most of my still life are photographed on the dark background. Usually it is grey or green paper. Dark background makes them look more like Dutch paintings and I like that :)) But on this weekend I have decided to try something different just for fun. White paper as a background for light and soft feeling.

My Dreams

I always wanted to try some photo manipulation in Photoshop. So I finally made some collages from my own images that I have taken during my vacations. I have a really big "stock" in my computer. It has opened my imagination.

Catching up

I am posting my latest creations. Autumn is my favorite season, so as you can see, my latest work are in autumn colors.