Friday, January 14, 2011

I am really bad in this, writing in this blog regularly :)) Actually I some of the reason is that I don't have an inspiration for my still life images any more. No ideas at all. So for now I will bore you with some simple shot.
Light is coming from the window in my bedroom. I shot those images for The shutter divas group theme for this week - tea cup love. Not sure that I will post all of them to Flickr.


Georgianna said...

Hi Anna, Happy New Year! I love these images, very simple but beautiful and not at all boring.

January can be a hard time for inspiration and ideas. I've no doubt you will soon again be inspired and create more of your amazing still life images. Sometimes it helps to just go do something completely different and return with a fresh viewpoint. Good luck. xo Georgianna

leslie said...

Hi Anna,
Just found your photostream and blog this morning. Your photography is dreamy. Thank you for sharing the beauty that you see.

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