Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Everning light

That day the light from my bedroom window was so beautiful. I took a few image, felt really inspired. And I love the fact how different all of them are. No tripod by the way, because from that angle there is no place to put it, the room is too small.


Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful, that light is amazing. Love the the last post lemons also. I envy your bedroom light:)

Georgianna said...

Just exquisite, Anna. Works of art! Hope you are well. xoxo – g

Charlotte Wilson said...

You are very talented,indeed! Your photos verge on fine art!

letrecivette said...

Oh..I find your blog now but I love it immediately!
Absolutely beautiful!
See you soon ,Monica

Mary said...

They are all beautiful, but that second one just takes my breath away. Stunning!

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