Monday, January 28, 2013

The story of one jug

Those a old image I took , in all of them the hero is this specific vintage jug.
I bought it in Munich antique market in 2009. I really love it, it is special, because every time I look at it I remember our wonderful trip to Germany.


Vesna Armstrong said...

Very beautiful images! What a lovely jug! It's a great size for still life.

Country Girl said...

It is really a beautiful jug. What a perfect purchase and a wonderful reminder of your trip.

Georgianna said...

Such a wonderful series, Anna! I love seeing how the jug's personality changes a bit with each different photo. A very special prop indeed! Hope you are well.


Victoria Rayu said...

It's amazing how different this jug looks on each photo! It plays it's role perfectly and makes each image unique.

Katy Noelle said...

These are stunning!!! and so many of them! and each with such a different feel. Cool! =]

So glad to see that you have a blog. I do understand, though, it's a lot to keep up with.


Lisa said...

Just stunning, Each one is unique and art all its own.

Anonymous said...

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